We run workshops at schools across Victoria!

UN Youth Victoria runs education sessions in schools across the state. Take advantage of a high-quality educational experience, crafted specifically for your needs!

If you’re a primary or high school teacher, we want to hear from you!

We supplement the Victorian curriculum by giving students meaningful and insightful experiences, invigorating their passion and building their capacity to engage in the most important humanitarian and environmental issues facing our world.

2024 School Visits

We offer a number of different sessions and will work with you to tailor our programs to your school’s education goals and your students’ needs.

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There are three broad categories of programs that we run in schools:

    • Advocacy
    • Australian Foreign Policy
    • Conflict and Intervention
    • Democracy, Power and Revolution
    • Economics, Trade and Globalisation
    • Human Rights
    • Poverty, Aid and Development
    • The UN and International Justice
    • This is where students get into groups which represent a particular cabinet
    • They are given a crisis scenario and a series of tasks to act upon through a diplomatic problem solving process

In addition to in-class sessions, UN Youth Victoria also runs Summits involving multiple schools. These summits delve into a single topic and involve expert guest speakers, intensive discussion led by UN Youth facilitators and lively debate. We hope to see you there.

Pricing Structure

Sessions come at a small cost, but schools may apply for a full or partial waiver on a needs basis. Contact our Schools Director, Shen Marana Gonzales for more information.



Our Philosophy

We believe every young person has the responsibility to be a global citizen, engaged on a local, national and global level.

This is why we strive to open young eyes to the world through unique educational opportunities which deliver the skills and knowledge to contribute to the alleviation of global issues that affect their global, national and local community.

In this way we will create a generation of morally conscious young people who will take these values with them into the future as they become the leaders of our world.

Our programs firmly support the value of peer-to-peer and informal education, exposing the students to different learning techniques based on interactivity and understanding.

Our Facilitators

UN Youth Victoria facilitators are peer-to-peer educators, each of whom has received extensive facilitation training and are compliant with all state and federal child protection laws.

All our facilitators are of an exceptionally high calibre in their intellectual capacity and communication skills. Most are at university studying a wide range of courses including international relations, arts, science, law and commerce.

All our facilitators, organisers and content writers are under the age of 25 and are passionate about volunteering their time to educate, engage and empower young people.

Further Information

For more information on the schools program, or to invite UN Youth to visit your school, please contact our Schools Director: Shen Marana Gonzales at vicschools@unyouth.org.au