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Youth on the Frontline: Syrian Refugee Crisis

31 August, 2017

“Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them”. – Epictetus Statistics are something that we as humans take for granted, they allow us to numerically visualise reality. This is all well and good until a person cannot imagine the actuality. For instance, if I were to take an […]

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  2. Voice

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  3. Evatt SA

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    A sell-out annual day event, our Human Rights Summit brings together 100 young South Australians to… See details ›

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  9. 10 Aug - 9 Sep 2017

    Evatt Tasmania

    Evatt Tasmania is the state round of the Australian UN Security Council Competition. See details ›

  10. 19 Feb 16 - 12 Mar

    Regional Conferences

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    Territory Conference

    Territory Conference is an annual, weekend-long UN Youth event for Year 10 - 12 students. Run… See details ›

  12. 02 Sep 17

    Evatt NT

    Evatt NT is the Territory round of Australia’s largest and premier debating and diplomacy… See details ›

  13. 25 Oct 17 - 05 Nov

    Voice WA

    The Voice public speaking competition is an exciting opportunity for students in years 7 to 10 to… See details ›

  14. 04 Nov 17 - 25 Nov

    Voice Tasmania

    UN Youth Voice is a public speaking competition that sees participants propose solutions to… See details ›

  15. 09 Mar 18 - 11 Mar

    State Conference WA

    State Conference is a weekend-long residential camp which is open to all students in years 9-12. It… See details ›

  16. 09 Mar 18 - 12 Mar

    Victorian State Conference 2018

    See details ›

  17. 09 Mar 18 - 11 Mar

    Territory Conference 2018

    Territory Conference is an annual, weekend-long UN Youth event for Year 10 - 12 students. Run… See details ›

  18. 23 Mar 18 - 25 Mar

    NSW State Conference

    Are you in Years 9 - 12 and passionate about global issues and human rights? Keep an eye on this… See details ›

  19. 06 Apr 18 - 09 Apr

    Tasmanian State Conference 2018

    Our premier educational event See details ›

  20. 23 Apr 18 - 27 Apr

    Voice Competition

    The UN Youth Voice brings together Australia's brightest speakers in years 7-10 to craft and… See details ›

  21. 05 Jul 18 - 11 Jul

    National Conference

    The UN Youth National Conference brings together over 150 exceptional young people from across… See details ›

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    Schools Programs

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    School Visits

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  24. All Year

    School Visits

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  25. August

    ACT Schools Ambassadors Program

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  26. March

    Territory Conference

    Territory Conference is a weekend long event that brings together high school students from across… See details ›

  27. October-November

    Voice Victoria

    Tell us how you'd change the world. Offer solutions to local and global problems. Open to students… See details ›

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