Meet the Team: Young Diplomats Tour 2018

By · 28 April, 2017 · Features
Next January, we’ll be taking 16 young leaders from around Australia on the Young Diplomats Tour, a four-week tour of Europe to explore the complex realities of diplomacy in the 21st Century. Meet the UN Youth volunteers who’ll be leading the tour.

Kate Turner

Kate is halfway through her Development Studies degree at ANU, where she is also minoring in Sociology. Unsurprisingly, her work with UN Youth led her down this career path, and she hopes one day DFAT like her enough to offer her a job.

Kate is an avid baker and estimates she owns ~40 cookbooks, though she almost exclusively uses 3 recipes. She lives with her cat Molly, who “helps” with various craft projects by sitting directly on top of them. 

Rates: tea, home renovation shows,  Spotify’s readymade playlists]

Hates: penicillin, anchovies, people who don’t think Canberra has “culture”

Sam Proietto

Sam is in his final year of an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, double-majoring in Philosophy and Politics – if not for UN Youth, he likely would have found himself deeply misplaced in a Science degree.

He spends most of his time in cafes, department store sales, or anywhere else where he can pretend to have good taste.

Rates: Patterned shirts, patterned socks, patterned stationery

Hates: Slow walkers, slow email replies, people that don’t appreciate the strategic complexity of test cricket.

Christina Devetzidis

Christina is in her third year of a double degree in Law and Arts at the University of Adelaide. She hopes to one day combine her love for public history with the arts, to further people’s appreciation of both, with her work in UN Youth showing her the power of education and of young people to create change.

When not re-watching the ‘Downton Abbey’ series, Christina could be found reading historical fiction, snacking on chips and dip, or hanging out down at the beach.

Rates: Period dramas, fries, rainy days and the colour green.

Hates: Days above 35 degrees, the amount of movies unavailable on Australian Netflix, and sandwiches.

Jessica Herne

Jess is in her last year of an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne, with majors in Politics and Media. Her opinion on what she wants to do in these increasingly intersecting fields changes depending on her most recent results on a “What West Wing Character Are You?” quiz.

When not at UN Youth events, Jess can usually be found working backstage in a theatre, cheering for obscure winter sports teams and drinking too much tea for any one human.

Rates: Musicals, bullet journals, videos of corgis doing things in slow motion.

Hates: The sun, Comic Sans, days that are too windy to wear scarves.

Applications for the Young Diplomats Tour close Sunday, May 7; any Australian students currently in Years 10-12 can apply. Find out more here.

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