Vinura Jayasena

Victoria · Strategy and Partnerships Director

The role of the Strategy and Partnerships Director is to coordinate all sponsorship and partnerships engaged in by UN Youth Victoria.

Vin is currently studying International Relations and Criminology at Monash University. He’s intending to finish after completing a Masters of international Relations with a focus on Diplomacy and Trade – hopefully this is soon so that his mum can finally get a good fam graduation photo!

Vin became involved in UN Youth as a delegate in 2012 when he attended State Conference and National Conference – yes, he’s old! – and was also involved with Evatt. He became a facilitator in 2014 and was the Chief Judge of Evatt Victoria in 2018, and judged at Evatt National Finals in Tasmania.

Outside UN Youth, Vin enjoys working multiple jobs – whether that be teaching international students English, or uniting people over food and drinks. He has a strong passion for youth mental health and education. He is a lover of all sports and especially enjoys swimming.

Rates: Friends and HIMYM, staying active, MUN, good banter (except when he’s the victim) and spontaneous adventures
Hates: Waiting, indecisiveness and the fact that spicy foods make him cry (not great for a Sri Lankan)

Contact: vinura.jayasena@unyouth.org.au

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