Teresa Sheng

New South Wales · Director of Finance

When did you become involved with UN Youth? I first went to State Conference in 2017 based off my sister’s recommendation, and since then I haven’t left! After competing in Evatt and Negotiations as a delegate, in 2021 I convened the NSW Competition and am now looking forward to an exciting year as the Director of Finance.

Why are you involved with UN Youth? UN Youth offered me an opportunity to see the value of my voice as a delegate – and as a facilitator now, I want to create the same experience for all young people. It’s important to me that I am able to ‘pay it forward’, and highlight youth voices in all spaces – young people are central to all that we do, and that’s why I’ve continued to volunteer here.

Studying: I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at UNSW. I love the degree and the people around me in my courses!

Rates: Good reads, aesthetic bubble tea shops, that reversible octopus plushy with the happy and sad faces

Hates: The beach, spicy food, passionfruit

Ask me about: how to get involved in UN Youth when you study STEM or anything that’s not arts/law/humanities, how to find time in your schedule for volunteering when you have a hectic uni schedule + work (trust me, it’s doable!)

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New South Wales

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