Stewart Jackson

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Chair of Human Resources Committee

Stewart is currently the Chair of the Human Resources Committee, where he is responsible for overseeing and supporting the National Executive, and I’m also a member of the Finance & Audit Committee.

Stewart has been involved with UN Youth for a while, where he first participated in UN Youth as a delegate in 2015. After graduating from school, he convened Tasmania’s Evatt Competition in 2017 and then served as Director of Operations.  Stewart also served as UN Youth Tasmania’s State Conference convenor in March 2020 and has facilitated at four national UN Youth events.

Stewart wanted to be on the Board because he believes that he can contribute meaningfully to the future direction of UN Youth.  During his two-year term, he hopes the Board can work with the National Executive in ensuring that UN Youth is a welcoming and supportive place for volunteers and delegates alike, whilst making sure that we are minimising risks to the organisation and remain adaptable to changing circumstances.

Currently, Stewart is really excited about the work the HR Committee is doing to gain a better understanding of the expectations and workload of the National Executive, to better enable members of NExec to work with divisions and other colleagues, and to make sure they feel valued and supported in their role.  He is hoping that we can help build a culture where NExec feels like they are not overburdened and criticised, but where they can look back and feel like they’ve made a meaningful and recognised contribution to UN Youth.

Outside of his role on the Board, Stewart is either at work in a superannuation fund, or trying (and failing) not to procrastinate on his Accounting and Politics degree at the University of Tasmania.

Rates: Ice cream, basic 90s music and using the wow react

Hates: Warm drinks, confrontations and using the haha react

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