Stephanie Sekulovska

New South Wales · Director of Education

When did she become involved with UN Youth: Steph first attended a UN Youth summit as a delegate in 2015.

Why is she involved with UN Youth: Since joining UN Youth as a facilitator, Steph has loved every moment of being involved with the organisation in every way possible. Steph took on the role of Metropolitan Schools Officer in 2018, leading her to develop a passion for UN Youth’s Education Portfolio. As the 2020 Director of Education, Steph oversees the coordination of the School Visits Program, writes content for our flagship events and programs and works consistently to broaden UN Youth’s educational outreach. Steph’s goal this year is to increase the organisation’s accessibility so that all young people can build their advocacy skills and engage with UN Youth NSW.

Studying: Steph is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts/Laws at the University of Sydney.

Rates: True crime podcasts, a good brunch, keep cups, kewpie dolls

Hates: Celery, bad action films, hot weather, closed-book exams

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New South Wales

State Executive

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