Sina Aghamofid

New South Wales · Director of Human Resources

When did he become involved with UN Youth: Sina got involved with UN Youth as a delegate in 2016 and his first event was an Evatt round.

Why is he involved with UN Youth: Sina loved UN Youth as a delegate because of the opportunities it provided in opening young eyes to the world. As a facilitator, Sina loves UN Youth due to the empowering opportunities it provides to young people, whether that be facilitating students in primary school, taking a delegation to the Middle East to learn about peaceful resolutions to conflict or having the opportunity to lead an organisation with an executive where all members are younger than 25. As Director of Human Resources, Sina wants to build upon these opportunities and continue to make the organisation more accessible for all, whilst ensuring the growth of UN Youth NSW’s incredible group of volunteers.

Studying: Sina is studying a Bachelor of Media and a Bachelor of Laws at Macquarie University.

Rates: Diplomacy, people, jazz and rap

Hates: Interactive Problem Solving workshops that end in nuclear warfare and long walks on the beach


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New South Wales

State Executive

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