Sienna Curnow

Victoria · Communications Director

The role of the Communications Director is to coordinate and oversee all of the marketing and social media conducted by UN Youth Victoria.

Sienna is currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Professional Communications at RMIT. In this, she specialises in Media with a minor in Popular Culture.

Sienna first became involved in UN Youth in 2014 when she competed in the regional Voice rounds in her hometown of Bendigo and made it to the National finals for 2015 and 2016. After moving to Melbourne in 2015, she attended a few summits here and there and State Conference 2017. She was also a delegate for Pacific Project (now TLP) in 2017. She was trained as a facilitator in July 2018, and attended her first NC in December.

Outside of UN Youth Sienna can be found interning for a digital marketing agency, or working at her local lolly shop and the Titanic Theatre Restaurant.

Rates: musical theatre, The Office, cupcakes, cocktails with little umbrellas, drag, ASMR

Hates: skiing, maths, exercise, hot weather

Contact: sienna.curnow@unyouth.org.au

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