Sarah Ramantanis

National · Chief Communications Officer


Sarah is in charge of directing the UN Youth Australia’s external communications. Her goals are to act as a voice for young people in as many ways as possible and gain knowledge on how to achieve this with greater scope and act as a female leader where she can create innovative solutions to create a better world where every young person can thrive. Sarah is currently working on a Youth Rep podcast, new and engaging video content, and more new communications projects to keep the voice of UN Youth heard and present during times of COVID-19.

In UN Youth to date, some of her key achievements have been helping design the 2019 Youth Rep consultation report and being able to implement new ways to share stories of young leaders creating global change on a daily basis.

Outside of UN Youth Sarah holds various communications roles across the NFP sector. Her goal is to help create a better future for those in need.

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National Executive

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