Samantha Griffin

Tasmania · President

Sam is currently studying Arts/Law at the University of Tasmania while also working part time and volunteering with various youth organizations.

Sam became involved in UN Youth in 2014, after being convinced it would be better than a weekend spent at a rowing carnival. From then on Samantha has been involved in UN Youth, first as a delegate, then as a facilitator from 2015 and convening State Conference in 2017. Sam was the divisional president in 2018, and has been reelected in 2019. Sam believes that it is in the best interest of society to make sure young people are engaged both politically and with their local communities. UN Youth has provided countless opportunities for Sam to work with amazing young people who have the vision and the drive to create change at a local, national, and international level. Outside UN Youth Samantha spends her free time playing AFL, hanging out with her cats and patting all the dogs she can. You can find her in the law library or training for AFL with her sister at various ovals around Hobart.


Coffee, sport, friends, reading and music


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