Robert Martin

New South Wales · President

When did he become involved with UN Youth: Robert became involved in UN Youth as a delegate at NSW State Conference in 2015 where a passion for all things UN Youth was ignited. Robert then went on to compete at the Voice National Finals in 2016 and attended the Young Diplomats Tour in 2017. Robert convened the NSW Voice Competition in 2019 and, in his role as President, is responsible for the implementation of the Division’s Strategic Plan and oversight of the NSW Executive (plus much more)!

Why is he involved with UN Youth: Robert is honoured to have been given the privilege to lead and organise the largest division in the country. Robert loves the way UN Youth facilitates empowering experiences for students that enable them to grow into informed and passionate leaders. Robert is proud of the fact UN Youth affords young people meaningful opportunities to run an organisation and host large-scale events that are otherwise often unavailable to young people simply because of their youth.

Studying: In his free-time, Robert studies a Bachelor of Commerce (Professional Accounting and Politics) at the University of Sydney.

Rates: Cacti & succulents, poke bowls, avocado, properly curated Wufoo forms, a good game of tennis

Hates: Burnt coffee, paid car parking, bad university timetables, back to back classes


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