Rhianna Schwenke

National · National Secretary

Rhianna joined UN Youth Australia this year as the National Secretary and will oversee and support UN Youth’s administration and governance practices. She is passionate about the power of education and its contribution to the empowerment of young people. She is excited to maximise UN Youth’s impact in this area through processes to efficiently organise, capture, and achieve goals.

Outside of her UN Youth role, Rhianna’s time has been focused on her corporate job and university work. Rhianna is in her final year of an Economics and Finance degree and for the past two years has worked in the Assurance division of Australia’s largest professional services firm. She is part of the firm’s RAP Working Group, Environmental team, and champions new joiner accessibility to social impact opportunities. She is currently on a partial secondment to The Constellation Project which is a cross sector collaboration with the vision of ending homelessness in Australia.

In her spare time, Rhianna loves to travel and has backpacked to almost 30 countries with plans to continue. She believes the greatest part of travel is the opportunity, if you take it, to absorb the magnitude of what is possible, who its possible with, and the role every person can play in achieving the possibilities that inspire and excite for the future.

Rates: Coffee, Poached Eggs, Halloumi cheese, Mushrooms, …Breakfast

Hates: Needles, Hypocrisy, “Cool” vs “Uncool”ness categorisation

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