Rhea Baweja

New South Wales · Director of Human Resources

When did you become involved with UN Youth? I first became involved with UN Youth in Year 10 as an Evatt participant and have not left since then!

Why are you involved with UN Youth? I love UN Youth for one main reason, the people; both the delegates and the facilitators. It is so inspiring to be surrounded by so many young people who genuinely care about big-picture issues and actively advocate for the change they want to see in the world. Their ideas are truly brilliant, and their passion is incredible.

Studying: I am studying a Bachelor of Laws with a Bachelor of Science and Business at UNSW

Rates: hiking, coffee, pet rocks, IKEA, having an emotional support water bottle

Hates: BIRDS, wearing shoes, bending the spine of a new book, peeling sunburn

Ask me about: Becoming a facilitator with UN Youth! Facilitator upskilling and opportunities to hold positions within the organisation! Aaaannnddd our amazing socials!

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New South Wales

State Executive

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