Raj Burli

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Chair of the Ethics Committee

Raj started with UN Youth as a facilitator on the Middle East Experience and has since never looked back. From being the VP of UN Youth Victoria to running a Space Summit, Raj has had a fun career with UN Youth Australia before being elected to the Board.

Raj graduated from Swinburne University with a dual degree in Aviation (piloting) and International Business. Having interned in New York for three months, Raj has a taste for working overseas and is seeking out his next international adventure.

With an undying passion for all things aerospace related, Raj can often be found staring at the skies both at night and during the day when he should really be doing something else. You can often find Raj aimlessly wandering around museums and planetariums in search of someone to talk to him about spaceships.


Travelling, adventure sports, and video games


Pineapple on pizza and when people put the volume on an odd number.

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