Raj Burli

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Chair of the Ethics Committee

Raj’s primary responsibility on the board is to oversee the ethics committee as its chair. He also is the chair of the IA risk review taskforce and a member of the HR committee which allows him to work with some Nexec members as their board buddy.

Raj started his time with UN Youth as the deputy convenor for the Middle East Experience in 2017 and since then, he has been the VP of UN Youth Victoria, convened Victoria’s first ever Space Summit, was a divisional fac on a national conference and deputy convened the Young Diplomats tour in 2019.

He wanted to be on the board because he believes that the UN Youth Australia is unlike any other organization in this country. Raj loves that he gets to work with a group of dedicated, passionate and kind-hearted people that all collectively work towards educating and bettering the lives of young people. The opportunity to shape this organisation and work to keep its incredible mission alive is something that he has always wanted to do since the day he landed in Amman, Jordan with his delegation, and realised the power and potential this organization has to create and inspire change.

Raj currently studying a Master of Science in aerospace sustainability with the goal of getting a PhD that investigates at the implementation of green aerospace technology and the governmental policies required to support that endeavour. He also is a pilot, and occasionally flies planes!

Outside of the UN Youth he co-founded a youth mental resilience organisation through his university and worked for a non-profit called Global Citizen in New York for a few months. He also has volunteered with the Montreal Space Association. He also is currently working with a start-up that aims to bring unique sciences to primary school children from palaeontology, astronomy, volcanology, marine biology to digital tech. Being a massive dinosaur/ space nerd himself, this project really excites him.

Rates: Setting Celine Dion’s My heart will go on as an alarm to wake up to and traveling

Hates:  People who use internet speak IRL and pistachios that don’t open

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