Olivia Mueller

New South Wales · Director of Operations


Olivia’s first experience with UN Youth was in 2015, when she attended NSW State Conference as an eager but very nervous Year 11 student! From that weekend on it’s safe to say she was hooked. Throughout her two final years of high school, Olivia attended various Day Summits as well as the 2016 State Conference and loved every minute of the workshops, debates and general conversations with like-minded students and seemingly very cool facilitators (many of whom she now call friends) from all over NSW. The natural progression was to then be trained as a facilitator once she graduated Year 12 and she has worked her way up the ropes ever since! 

Olivia applied for the position of Director of Operations as she had the great pleasure of holding 2 organisational roles in her previous years as a facilitator (Junior Leadership Weekend Organising Committee 2017 & Summits Convenor 2018) and loved the process of piecing together the puzzle that is each and every UN Youth event! Having personally experienced the capacity of UN Youth events to broaden perspectives, provide a platform for discussion and allow students from across Australia to create meaningful networks with like-minded young people, Olivia knew she wanted to be a part of continuing that legacy and what better way than to oversee all the events and programs that facilitate just that! She also loves working alongside a team of such creative, thoughtful and dedicated convenors, volunteers and of course her fellow executive members, which is undeniably a bonus!

Olivia is currently in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Laws with Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Development Studies and Culture Change, at Macquarie University. She is super interested in international development, diplomacy, migration and the law, so will see where life takes her! She would love to one day work for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, for a UN Development Agency, an NGO or in Migration Law, but really believes everything happens for a reason so she’s sure she’ll end up wherever she belongs!

Olivia’s guilty pleasure in her free time is watching hours upon hours of Youtube documentaries on serious crime cases involving serial killers, mystery disappearances, murders and conspiracy theories – for some reason she finds this all so interesting! She can also often be found hanging out with her dog, Teddy and two cats, Riley and Emily or sipping Almond Lattes from my KeepCup at her local coffee stop whilst she plans her next overseas holiday she probably can’t afford

Olivia Rates:

Using the iPhone calendar for all life ongoings, hommus, travel, sunsets

Olivia Hates:

Coriander, bad drivers (especially in the right lane), 26+ temperatures, poor wifi connection

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