Nicky Panont

Queensland · Human Resources Director
Nicky is one of the newest members to join UN Youth Australia, beginning her journey as a facilitator in August 2020. Although she is a newcomer, Nicky has extensive experience as an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN) in both private and public health care organizations such as Queensland Health, Wesley Mission Queensland, and Healthscope. This includes working in various health care settings such as assisting people with their rehabilitation journey, empowering people living with a disability or disabilities, caring for older people of Australia, and supporting adolescents and adults living with mental health conditions. In addition to her part-time career as an EEN, Nicky is studying Bachelor of Nursing and Public Health at the Queensland University of Technology. She is passionate about achieving a sustainable future that promotes socio-economic and environmental prosperity – with her main research interests focusing on achieving gender equality and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Currently, Nicky is serving UN Youth Queensland as Human Resources Director. Her role and responsibilities include managing the recruitment of new and all volunteers in UN Youth Queensland, along with directing and coordinating the professional development of all volunteers. This includes directing official social programs and promoting compliance with, and maintenance of the Welfare Policy.

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