Nick Parker

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Chair Of The Welfare Committee

Nick is in his fourth year of a Combined Arts (International Relations)/Law degree at UNSW and has a particular interest in the role of law in cybersecurity and renewable energies.

Nick has been involved as a delegate and member of UN Youth since 2016. Since then he has been the Secretary for the NSW Division, National Secretary in 2019 and recently elected to be part of the Board for a two-year term.

Through working as a part of the Board, Nick hopes to support UN Youth’s strategic growth and maturation as an organisation. This is motivated by the deep admiration and intrinsic value he identifies in the events that UN Youth run; something he believes he benefited greatly from as a delegate. Nick aims to continue reforming the organisation’s welfare structure, particularly given the new challenges the organisation faces in relation to COVID-19. In particular, he is looking forward to making progress on proposals for data security management and disputes management procedures that have been taken up by the Welfare Committee.

Rates: Mass rapid transport, Android OS, milk tea, Sydney.

Hates: Rubber granules in 3rd generation artificial grass playing surfaces, eggs, trams.

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