Nicholas Parker

New South Wales · Secretary

When Nick was caught trying to bluff his delegation’s way into a meeting with Angela Merkel in Berlin, he assumed UN Youth would have learned their lesson. Having seemingly failed to do so, he is now super excited to be NSW Secretary!

Discovering UN Youth in his last year of high school, one of his biggest regrets is not having the courage to get involved earlier. As well as starting a Combined Arts/Law degree at UNSW this year, Nick has been involved in UN Youth’s public speaking and debating events, including NSW Voice and Evatt, perhaps betraying his fascination with the legal and theatrical components of international diplomacy and policy-making. He looks forward to capturing this interest in his time as NSW Secretary, and hopes to continue solidifying the constitutional foundations of the organisation.

Nick Rates:

Friends, Android OS and milk.

Nick Hates:

People that say “correct” instead of “yes”; gastro.

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New South Wales