Nathan Cohen

New South Wales · Director of Finance

Nathan’s first experience with UN Youth was in 2013 as a delegate on State Conference, dragged along by friends from school little did he realise how fantastic UN Youth is. Since then he has been passionately working to make UN Youth a great experience for everyone involved.

Mostly Nathan loves budgeting and reading the constitution which is what led him to his job as UN Youth NSW Director of Finance. He is about the only person who gets really excited about this stuff and is looking forward to an exciting year.

Currently Nathan studies a double degree of Advanced Physics and Aerospace Engineering at UNSW which takes up most of his time, however he also runs a Software Design and Development firm, Sudo Code Software.

Nathan Rates:

Excel Spreadsheets, Temperatures below 10 ℃

Nathan Hates:

Slow Internet, Temperatures above 10 ℃

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New South Wales