Mena Basaly

· Chief Youth Representative Officer

Mena is in his fifth year of a degree in Mechatronic Engineering and Business Management at UTS.

When he’s not nerding out over that, he enjoys fishing, DIY and setting records for TV Show completion (2 Seasons in 1.5 days is probably his proudest achievement).

Mena’s been involved with UN Youth since he attended State Conference as a delegate in 2011, and he has experience on a divisional level in Finance, Human Resources, and  most recently being President of the NSW division.

He has stuck around because no other organisation has empowered him like UN Youth has and he wants to ensure that young people have access to the same opportunities he did and more.

Mena Rates:

Really well-made spreadsheets, Childish Gambino and in-traffic karaoke.

Mena Hates:

Bananas getting squished in his backpack, chewing noises and dead batteries.

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