Megan Hince

Victoria · Competitions Director

The role of the Competitions Director is to coordinate and oversee all of the competitions run by UN Youth Victoria including the Evatt and Voice Competitions as well as the coordination and oversight of the Junior Leadership Weekend.

I’m the Competitions Director, so I oversee the convenors of Evatt, Voice, Crisis Point, and Wellbeings to help make sure they all run smoothly.

Is there life outside of UN Youth? I fill in my spare time with studying economics (and fighting anyone who tells me that we should be printing more money), playing sport, and trying (unsuccessfully) to learn Excel.

Rates: niche history memes, hyperfixations, annoying Chelsea with incorrect astrology comments.

Hates: Chelsea (lol jk). Actual answer: jelly – nothing edible should have that texture, attempting to squeeze the last bit of my notes into the bottom section of the page and then needing to use the next page anyways, “sovrenity”.

Contact: megan.hince@unyouth.org.au

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