Maxie Sutton

Queensland · Communications Director

Maxie Sutton is the 2021 Communications Director for UN Youth Queensland. Maxie has been involved with UN Youth QLD for just over 2 years both as a delegate and facilitator. In her time as a delegate, she attended day summits, State Conference and was selected into the 2019 National Conference and as a facilitator, she has facilitated at numerous events. In her role as Communications Director, her key responsibilities are:                                                                   . Looking after UN Youth Queensland’s communications and marketing.
. Strategize how to most effectively maintain growth and engagement with our social media platforms.
. Promote events in an engaging, creative, and effective manner.
. Manage correspondence tasks and many other responsibilities.                                                 She is currently studying a Dual Degree in Business Management/IR & Peace and Conflict Analysis and in her spare time, she loves to go on day adventures to scenic places with friends.


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