Matthew Orellana

New South Wales · Director of Administration

When did he become involved with UN Youth: Matthew has been with the organisation since late 2018. The first event Matthew facilitated at was State Conference 2019. Since then Matthew has facilitated at many events as a welfare facilitator, including as the Head of Welfare for Junior Leadership Weekend 2019 and State Conference 2020. Matthew was both a member of the Organising Committee and a judge for the 2019 Voice Competition. The event where Matthew fell in love with UN Youth however, was National Conference 2019 where he was one of the two Divisional Facilitators to the NSW Delegation. Matthew’s time with the organisation has helped shape his understanding of the world around him and create many lasting friendships. As the 2020 Director of Administration (Secretary), Matthew is able to pursue his passion for inclusivity and accessibility.

Why is he involved with UN Youth: Matthew is involved with UN Youth because he has a passion for youth justice. In his opinion, UN Youth is unique as it gives young people, no matter who they are or where they come from, a platform to express their voice and to be heard. Matthew’s involvement with UN Youth gives him the opportunity to be part of that incredibly meaningful process by which young people are empowered to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. This is something Matthew finds inspiring and uplifting and something that gives him hope for the future.

Studying: Matthew is currently studying a Masters of Public Relations (Media Communication) and a Diploma of Languages (Spanish and Latin American Studies) at the University of Sydney.

Rates: A fruit smoothie on a hot day, swimming and visiting the beach, a neat excel spreadsheet, and any type of berry

Hates: Parking in the city, cauliflower, maths and peak hour traffic


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