Manon McPherson

Australian Capital Territory · Human Resources Director

Manon is currently studying a Bachelor of Development Studies at the Australian National University.

She first became involved in UN Youth as a delegate in 2013, attending both territory and national events, and the first ever UN Youth Middle East Experience in 2015. Manon has previously served on the ACT Executive in the Regional portfolio, but is incredibly excited to expand into Human Resources this year!

Outside of UN Youth, Manon works in after school care, enjoying the daily ego boost of 5 year old girls telling her she’s pretty, plays netball regardless of her physio begging her not to, and loves printmaking.

Manon Rates: Blaire Waldorf, tote bags, baby goats, Tuggeranong, bugs

Manon Hates: Serena Van Der Woodsen, tomato, science, tiny ants

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