Maneesha Gopalan

New South Wales · Director of Human Resources

Maneesha’s recent entry into the wonderful world of UN Youth was the result of peer pressure (the good kind). As she soon came to realise, it was one of the best decisions she’d made this year. Following a crash course on UN Youth lingo and acronyms, along with several day summits, social netty games, Evatt and Voice judging rounds, a state conference and lots of Thai food, she’s assuming the position of Human Resources Director for NSW.

Maneesha likes to think she’s taking a unique pathway to making a difference to the world. In reality, she’s studying an International Studies/Law degree at UNSW.

Maneesha Rates:

Sleep, green tea and travelling

Maneesha Hates:

Feet, 9am lectures, people that walk slowly

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New South Wales