Luke Hyland

New South Wales · Director of Finance


Luke initially got involved with UN Youth as a facilitator in late 2017. Funnily enough, he got to see a State Council where facilitators get trained on niche issues before he got to facilitate a group myself! Luke dedicated most of his time to UN Youth as it was a way to bring together all the work he was doing in other various not-for-profits.

He is now the Director of Finance, which as a Finance/Laws student is a perfect fit. In this role he controls the divisions finances and budgets/pays for all of the divisions expenses!

In his free time, Luke is at the gym, playing AFL, at Uni or listening to Kanye!

Luke Rates:

Kanye, being rugged, seeing my barber Kent

Luke Hates:

Seafood, the price of petrol, the price of sneakers

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New South Wales