Leyla Kadı

National · Chief Education Officer
The role of the CEdO is to guide and manage the educational vision of UN Youth. Leyla’s day-to-day responsibilities include overseeing the National Education Committee (NEC) to create content for nationally-coordinated events, liaising between divisional Education Directors to foster innovation across Australia, and leading the Voice and Evatt rules committees to review and refine the rules of our competitions. Leyla’s main focus as CEdO is improving school visit programmes in every division to make the work of the UN more accessible to all students, not just MUN nerds.
Leyla began facilitating in 2019 with no prior experience with UN Youth and dived right into the education portfolio – first on the Western Australian education subcommittee, then as WA Education Director the same year, and most recently as the inaugural Chairperson of the NEC. She is passionate about the necessity of education and firmly believes that everyone has a responsibility to share their knowledge, which is what motivates her to continue volunteering with UN Youth.
Outside of UN Youth, Leyla is in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne, double majoring in Politics/International Relations and History. Leyla thoroughly enjoys her studies as politics and history are such intertwined areas of the world around us, and seeing how they interact and evolve over time is absolutely fascinating. Also, something about a well-spaced and colour coded timeline makes her brain very happy. She can usually be found curled up in her reading nook with a mug of New York breakfast tea, or trying to normalise platform Dr Martens as workwear.
Rates: rainbow lorikeets, mugs with sassy phrases, Qantas points, making a big deal about pulling the stop wire on trams.
Hates: slow walkers, people who take phone calls in the library, lukewarm coffee, George Orwell.

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