Laura Gunning

National · Chief Education Officer

Since bailing out last minute from her first UN Youth event in 2012 because she was worried about missing a day of school, Laura has spent 6 years hoping to make up for the missed opportunity through being as involved as she can. In that time, she’s had the opportunity to travel around Australia and the world with UN Youth, and met many of her closest friends.

Before joining the National Executive, Laura was part of the UN Youth Western Australia team, and was President of UN Youth WA in 2018. She’s currently studying politics, international relations, and Mandarin at the University of Western Australia. Outside of UN Youth, you can find her watching Netflix Christmas movies, playing sports she’s not very good at, and aspiring to become a morning person.


Rates: The Mamma Mia! soundtrack, the AFLW, being overly competitive in board games, and potatoes (in all their forms)

Hates: Magpies, cheesecake, not being hydrated, and people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator