Kelsey McGowan

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Kelsey holds a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours)/Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology) and is currently completing her Masters of Human Rights Law. As a social worker, Kelsey is passionate about empowering other young people to overcome societal barriers and lead fulfilling lives. Kelsey has a special interest in mental health and trauma work. Currently, Kelsey works in Human Rights Advocacy and Program Facilitation at Youth Disability Advocacy Service (agency of Youth Affairs Council Victoria). Prior to that, she worked in alternative education, mental health and disability services and in the legal/justice space. Kelsey joined the Board of UN Youth Australia because she believes that all young people should be provided with the opportunities and resources to learn about and lead in the solutions to both local and global issues affecting their lives. In particular, Kelsey believes in the power of diverse voices and lived experience in decision making and leadership.

Rates: Avocado, Badly singing karaoke, afterpaying online orders so it feels like it costs less

Hates: Buying a house, birds, feet

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The Board of UN Youth Australia

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