Karina Mathias

New South Wales · Director of Administration

When did you become involved with UN Youth? I got involved as a delegate in Year 9 and kept coming back for the people, good vibes and immaculate discussions

Why are you involved with UN Youth? UN Youth NSW offers a safe place for young people to explore their interests and passions, and being youth centred, we are afforded the unique opportunity to learn from the diverse communities and lived experiences of people we volunteer and engage with

Studying: I’m studying an Education degree to become an English and Modern History High School Teacher

Rates: Long naps, socialising through food, and being overly invested in sports I have no clue how to play

Hates: Cruciferous Vegetables, Horror/Thriller genres, and days that are super hot and sticky with no breeze

Ask me about: Welfare, diversity, our policies!

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New South Wales

State Executive

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