Kailey Coble

Northern Territory · Secretary

Kailey became involved with UN Youth as a delegate for Territory Conference in 2017.

She attended National Conference later that year and enjoyed it so much. After graduating highschool Kailey took 2 years before returning to UN Youth as a volunteer. She dived straight in and her first year as a volunteer is the NT’s first-ever Secretary. In this role, Kailey aims to make sure that the NT’s administration runs smoothly.

When Kailey is not writing some minutes for the latest NT Exec Meeting she is either working on her final subjects for her law degree or watching true crime documentaries.

Kailey rates: All dog breeds, any form of coffee, and all crime documentaries on Netflix.
Kailey hates: People who walk slow, not having 2-3 coffees a day, and the beach

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