Julia Tran

New South Wales · Director of Operations

When did you become involved with UN Youth? During high school! I went to a few summits, competed in Evatt, and even went on the Middle East Experience Tour in 2016! In 2019, I joined as a facilitator and convened the Negotiations Competition the following year.

Why are you involved with UN Youth? I love being a part of an organisation which provides opportunities for students to flourish into global citizens and learn beyond the classroom, whether they are improving their diplomacy skills at Evatt, learning about global issues in depth at Summits or simply connecting with a community of like-minded, passionate individuals.

Studying: I’m studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney.

Rates: Sushi, the smell of freshly baked cookies, Helvetica Neue, travelling

Hates: Mint chocolate chip ice cream, orange juice, bad Wi-Fi

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New South Wales

State Executive

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