Joshuah Yeend

Australian Capital Territory · President

Joshuah Yeend (He/Him) is ACT’s President! Beyond being passionate about engaging and empowering young people, his responsibilities include presiding over executive meetings, liaising with various stakeholders, and supporting the divisional directors to have a successful and fulfilling year ahead!

Coming out of the year that was 2020, Josh is incredibly passionate about diversifying opportunities for volunteers and program participants alike, with an increased focus on internal training and external up-skilling. Further, Josh endeavours to leverage his background in both vocational and university education to both better the NFP’s operational procedures, as well as its regional and low-SES engagement.

Rates: Matcha matcha matcha, superheroes and comic books, public schools(!!!), and cheesy nachos with a chip to cheese ratio of at least 2:1.

Hates: Unripe pineapples, Aussie slang that deviates from Adelaide standards (fritter!), and places that don’t put feta on their smashed avo???

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Australian Capital Territory

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