Johanna Ellis

National · Chief Domestic Operations Officer


Having attended her first regional Evatt round as a just-turned-fifteen-year-old, Johanna has been a UN Youth enthusiast for longer than she has known what the clause ‘decides to remain actively seized of the matter’ actually means. Johanna is inspired by the capacity of Voice, National Conference and Evatt to meaningfully change young people’s lives, and looks forward to overseeing these events as Chief Domestic Operations Officer in 2019. She also secretly hopes that convenors will give her some say in the catering budget.

Johanna is in her third year of both an Arts degree at the University of Tasmania, and a job selling outdoor equipment – and she loves them equally. In her free time, Johanna enjoys hiking, hanging out with the several families of ducks which like to visit her garden, browsing on real estate websites and attending open homes.


Rates: potatoes and supermarkets

Hates: ‘dog’ people. How can you claim to categorically like all of the ‘dogs’ when there are 340 different breeds?



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