Jessie Horder-Geraghty

Victoria · Competitions Director

The role of the Competitions Director is to coordinate and oversee all of the competitions run by UN Youth Victoria including the Evatt and Voice Competitions as well as the coordination and oversight of the Junior Leadership Weekend

Jessie is currently in her third year of studying politics and economics at the University of Melbourne.

Jessie first got involved with UN Youth as a delegate in her home state of Tasmania. She then spent 4 years doing every event she possibly could, before defecting to the Victorian division for uni! She has since facilitated at various events and convened Gender Summit in 2018.

Outside of UN Youth, study and work, she loves to read, or go hiking and adventuring whenever possible – though realistically she spend more time drinking overpriced coffee and calling it “exploring Melbourne”.

Rates: Mamma Mia, strong skim iced lattes, and UN Youth Vic merch
Hates: people hating on Tasmania, unnecessary Twitter outrage, people loitering in the middle of sidewalks

Contact: jessie.hordergeraghty@unyouth.org.au

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