Jeremy Schneider

New South Wales · Director of Education


Jeremy got involved in UN Youth because he’s a massive fan of social justice and youth empowerment, which UN Youth combines so perfectly! Jeremy thinks that young people have such unique and insightful outlooks towards the world, which need to be listened to more by our leaders. He think it’s fantastic that as an organisation, we can provide a platform for young people to discuss, and ultimately tackle the greatest issues impacting upon our communities, locally and globally.

Education is one of his greatest passions in life, and is coincidentally also what he’s studying at university, with the goal of becoming a high school mathematics teacher. In his position, Jeremy gets to oversee all the programs that we run with schools, including our Youth Representative to the UN program, as well as the educational content for all our events outside of schools. It brings him great joy getting to teach students about the world, and listening to all the incredible visions that young people have, in the hope of creating a more positive future.

In his free time, Jeremy really likes playing guitar, and also loves playing a good board game – Monopoly is definitely his all-time favourite!

Jeremy Rates:

Turtles, Adventure Time, chai tea, bucket hats

Jeremy Hates:

Social norms and bad math teachers


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