Jane Kennedy

The Board of UN Youth Australia · Independent Board Director

Jane originally applied for the Board because UN Youth’s promo photos convinced her that everyone involved here is living their best lives and having the most fun all the time! But also (more seriously) because she is incredibly passionate about empowering young people with the opportunities, resources and ownership they need to create meaningful change for all people and in the environment. She has loved learning what an incredibly motivated, connected, adaptable and inclusive community UN Youth Australia she is inspired constantly by the work of the volunteers.

Jane’s background is in international development, youth participation and global health, and she is currently completing post-grad studies in Victoria to learn more about how public health intersects with humanitarian crises. This year she is working with Oaktree’s Timor-Leste programs team and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre’s health clinic, and Jane has previously been involved with orgs like UNFPA Indonesia, the Jane Goodall Institute, World Vision and the Australian Medical Students Association.

This year you’ll find her working with the Welfare committee and on a few different Board taskforces. Jane also hopes to find more time to read non-uni books, watch Netflix shows while they’re still culturally relevant, and start using the Duolingo app that she downloaded a year ago but hasn’t touched since.

Rates: Good roadtrips, finding hidden nature walks and pointless buzzfeed quizzes

Hates: Plastic bags, being late and slow in..ter…net

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