James Wilkinson

Victoria · Schools Director

The role of the Schools Director is to organise and coordinate the School Visits program.

James is in his final year of a Politics and International Studies major in the Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

James became involved as a delegate in 2015 all the way over at WA’s State Conference and hasn’t left the organisation alone since. After finishing school, James took a year off from UN Youth but came back strong in 2018, judging Evatt and Voice, facilitating at State Conference and school visits, and deputy convening Gender Summit.

When he’s not facilitating, he’s working up a sweat in the kitchen or on the treadmill.

Rates: Blazers that are ‘funky’ (according to him), How UN Youth is more of a family than an organisation and Post-Summit Nandos runs
Hates: When he stands up and people can’t see his colourful socks, how people always seem to be able to guess his major once he tells them he’s on the UN Youth exec, and when delegates forget to drink water

Contact: james.wilkinson@unyouth.org.au

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