James Poulton

National · Chief Financial Officer

Prior to being CFO James was Victorian Treasurer for two years and a member of the NFC. Outside of finance, he convened Victoria’s inaugural Crisis Point and was convenor for YDT 2021 until COVID-19 got in the way of that sadly. He also has attended the Voice National Finals in Perth and National Conference in his home city of Melbourne last year.


James is in his fifth year studying a double degree in Accounting and International Relations at Monash University. Outside of the UN Youth, he is an avid soccer fan and closely follows Liverpool and Melbourne Victory. James also loves to travel (like most people in the UN Youth)


James decided to join the National Executive team this year as he believes that this this organisation does some great work and wants to play in its growing role. At the moment he is working on policy related changes and over the course of 2020 he is going to be putting a lot of focus in to ensuring better financial practices are adopted. Doing so, James believes that it will go a long way to helping to allow UN Youth to continue engage and empower more young Australians to lead



Rates: Churros, BBC Global News Podcasts and dogs (especially his two King Charles Cavaliers)


Hates: People who text and walk, especially upstairs, people who stereotype accounting/ commerce students and think they’re all the same (take a look at yourselves law students) and beaches

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