Is Hay

Victoria · Human Resources Director
Name: Is Hay
Pronouns: they/them
Brief explanation of role: I’m the people person! My job is to support the welfare and upskilling of Victorian volunteers, so I’m the one recruiting and training new members to UN Youth VIC, as well as offering opportunities for facilitators to develop new skills and add new qualifications to their resumes.
What you do with your time outside UN Youth: overcommit of course. namely to my various jobs in the youth and disability sectors, and also to parenting a ridiculous collection of plants and cats.
Rates: finding cool stuff in hard rubbish, when cats blep (google it), taro, my plants growing new leaves
Hates: capitalism, mandarins, horses (they are far too confident for my liking), that i will never be able to kiss every single cat on their little heads 🙁

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