Igor Andonov

National · Chief Youth Representative Officer

Igor is the Chief Youth Representative Officer who in charge of overseeing and coordinating the Australian Youth Representative to the UN program, as well as the Youth Rep and their Listening Tour.

Igor’s Message:

Hello there! My name is Igor (he/him), and I’m based on Gadigal land in Sydney but hopefully, you see me all around Australia! I have the exciting pleasure of being UN Youth’s Chief Youth Representation Officer.It is my responsibility to make our Youth Representative Program over at @ausyouthrep accessible and engaging to all young people across Australia, including overseeing the Australian Youth Representative to the UN and coordinating with our international partners. Outside of UN Youth, I study & work in educational spaces (mainly high school), and in corporate and live entertainment events.

You can email Igor below or find him on LinkedIn at Igor Andonov.

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National Executive

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