Igor Andonov

National · Chief Communications Officer

Igor is the Chief Communications Officer who oversees UN Youth’s marketing and communications. Working across both our National organisation and Divisions, Igor engages with key stakeholders throughout the youth sector to promote UN Youth, and markets our events and major activities. He oversees the National Communications Committee, Divisional Directors of Communications and their teams, and several other projects. Igor oversees the public relations and media engagement program for the Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations. As a ‘side-gig’, Igor oversees the Youth Representative’s research and data efforts.

Igor first got involved with UN Youth because of his passion for education and working with young people. When he’s not doing work in the marketing portfolio, you can find Igor volunteering at our events and school visits. Outside of UN Youth, Igor studies a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in marketing and business law, at The University of Sydney with plans to commence a Master of Teaching. In his downtime, Igor can be found messing around with data and statistics whilst enjoying a pistachio ice cream.

Rates: aesthetically pleasing bao, finding new desserts around Sydney, and binging tv shows in the background.

Hates: rain in urban environments, poor driving etiquette, and having no stock of pistachio ice cream.

You can email Igor below or find him on LinkedIn at Igor Andonov.

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