Gideon Daley

Tasmania · Director of Operations

Gideon has been involved with UN Youth since 2015, when he went to his first round of Voice not really understanding the concept of question time. He became a facilitator for real in 2019. Throughout his time he has helped organise a number of events, including Voice 2018, State Conference 2019 and 2020, Young Leaders Summits in 2019 and the inaugural Tasmanian Junior Leadership Weekend in 2019! In addition to all of this, he has served on the Tasmanian executive for 2 years, as the Director of Communications in 2019 and the Divisional President in 2020, as well as taking on a number of national roles, as the Chair of the National Communications Committee and as a deputy convenor of Aotearoa Leadership Tour! Gideon as the Director of Operations for 2021 hopes to help put together some fun and funky fresh events, as well as work on larger strategic projects to ensure sustainability in the division! When he isn’t geeking out about UN Youth comms and the brand guide, Gideon is completing a double degree at UTAS in law and economics, or bullet journaling, watching youtube, and staking out cool ideas for more tattoos!

Rates: b r e a d, tombow dual brush pens, and melbourne trams
Hates: zucchini (but only when it isn’t fried!), accidentally killing succulents, and an absence of bread


State Executive

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