Gideon Daley

Tasmania · Director of Communications

Gideon is spending 2019 on a gap year before hopefully going to university to study Medicine in 2020. He hopes to spend their gap year travelling, working, and pouring over UN Youth emails and documents.

Gideon has been participating as a delegate in UN Youth since 2015, and has recently transitioned to being a facilitator, helping organise Voice 2018 and most recently being elected as the Our Climate, Our Future summit and Junior Leadership Weekend convenor. Gideon is new to the executive, but hopes to meet all the challenges, and put together some fun communications campaigns for 2019. When he isn’t volunteering for UN Youth, you can find him bullet journaling and watching movies, or desperately trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need another tattoo! 



pasta bake, succulents, bread


chai lattes, mosquitoes, zucchini that isn’t fried, accidentally killing succulents


State Executive