Georgina Ryan

National · National President

Georgina works with the National Executive, the National Board and Divisions to oversee the operations of the entire organisation. Prior to this role, she was Chief Education Officer, Victorian Secretary and has had several major roles assisting in organising and judging at our national activities. As a delegate, her favourite events were Evatt and the Young Diplomats Tour. Georgina decided to spend a second term on Nexec because she just loves UN Youth that much. Volunteering has made her more confident, equipped her with important life skills and introduced her to many of her close friends!

Outside of UN Youth, most of my time Georgina’s time is spent on her uni work. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in physics and chemistry at the University of Melbourne and is also completing a Concurrent Diploma in Applied Maths. Georgina came to the realisation last year that she now understands too much quantum physics to fully enjoy Marvel movies. Her hobbies include embroidery, going on walks within a 5km radius of her house, and watching far too much YouTube.

Rates: Peppermint tea, US Survivor, potato cakes, superconductors

Hates: Climbing up stairs to then have to go down some stairs to get
to the right level in a building.

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