Georgina Ryan

National · Chief Education Officer

As the CEdO, Georgina’s primary responsibilities are to guide the educational vision of UN Youth for the year. Her role involves overseeing the National Education Committee (NEC), chatting to divisional education directors and ensuring that the rules for the competitions are as good as they can be! Georgina’s goal is to make our processes in creating educational content more efficient. She also wants volunteers to be out facilitating delegates as much as possible and not slaving over Google Docs! She also is currently working on adapting content for the Voice National Finals to an engaging online format, while working on content for the NEC and Evatt.

Georgina decided to be on Nexec because she love this organisation as it has changed her life in so many ways – making her more confident, equipped her with life skills and introduced her to many close friends! Her favourite part of volunteering with UN Youth is getting to work on educational content and then seeing how delegates respond to it. Last year, Georgina enjoyed writing resolutions for delegates at the Evatt National Finals and then getting to see delegates debate those resolutions! She also is consistently impressed by the insights delegates are able to bring to our educational content.

Last year, Georgina was the Secretary of UN Youth Victoria. She also was a member of the NEC for two years prior to becoming CEdO and was the Education Coordinator for 2019’s National Conference. As a delegate, my favourite UN Youth events were Evatt and the Young Diplomats Tour.

Outside of UN Youth, most of my time Georgina’s time is spent on her uni work where she is in her third year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics and Chemistry and she is also completing her Diploma in Maths. Georgina also came to the realisation last year that she now knows too much quantum physics to fully enjoy Marvel movies. Her hobbies also include bouldering which she started last year, and she hopes to pick up embroidery as a quarantine activity.

Rates: Peppermint tea, US Survivor, potato cakes, atoms
Hates: Climbing up stairs to then have to go down some stairs to get to the right level in a building.

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