Georgia Koch

Northern Territory · Director of Communications

Georgie is a 2018 year 12 graduate, who intends to spend 2019 working, travelling and volunteering at as many UN Youth events as humanly possible.

Georgie first became involved with UN Youth in 2018 when she was practically dragged into Territory Conference. Since then she literally has to be dragged away from the events. After this Georgie attended 2018 National Conference in Adelaide and Evatt 2018 in Hobart. These events inspired her to get involved with the organisation, to become part of the kind, rewarding and empowering atmosphere that it is.

In her free time Georgie likes to cuddle animals and go tubing with her friends at the only dam in Darwin that isn’t infested with salt water crocodiles (most of the time).

Georgie Rates: Animals (that aren’t Emu’s), travelling and the Beach.

Georgie Hates: Packing groceries, EMU’S and saying goodbye.

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