Garima Sharma

New South Wales · Director of Operations

When did she become involved with UN Youth: Garima’s first UN Youth event was the Evatt Competition in 2015 where she and her teammate didn’t know that they had veto power much to the shock of all the other delegates when they voted against the resolution! Garima started volunteering with UN Youth NSW as a facilitator in 2018.

Why is she involved with UN Youth: Garima joined UN Youth as she felt it was an amazing platform to discuss and share ideas about global issues and international politics with other young people and to learn new perspectives through that.

Studying:  Garima is studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing and International Business at the University of New South Wales.

Rates: Funky patterned socks, the Metro, all the Cheetah Girls movies

Hates: Buffering, lukewarm tea, the fact that there are no more Cheetah Girls movies

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New South Wales

State Executive

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