Finlay McKeown

Tasmania · Director of Education

Finlay’s journey with UN Youth began in 2015 as a fresh-faced young delegate at the state conference of the same year. He began volunteering in 2018, convening the state’s round of the Evatt Competition. Finlay’s focus in his current role is developing interesting content for use in UN Youth’s many conferences and summits and organising UN Youth’s schools’ program. He dreams of being recruited by the globalist elite lizardfolk cabal and assuming his place as the ruler of mankind.

When not busy UN Youth-ing, Finlay is often spotted watching marvel movies for the 6th time, attempting to comprehend the writings of Immanuel Kant or drizzling his food with unnecessary quantities of olive oil.


whomsover the delegate wishes to yield to, procrastinating getting his license, coriander, West World.


being asked if he has his license, Australian internet speeds, rockmelon.


State Executive