Eleanor Forwood

Victoria · Strategy and Partnerships Director

The role of the Strategy and Partnerships Director is to coordinate all sponsorship and partnerships engaged in by UN Youth Victoria.

Favourite Comfort Food: Savoury- any kind of noodles. Sweet- Chocolate pudding (with loads of sauce and ice cream).

Favourite Netflix/Stan Show: Brooklyn Nine-Nine (up to about season 4).

Favourite Part of being on UN Youth: (because everyone will also say the people, because they’re amazing but I want to give a different answer as well): Learning so many things I wouldn’t have if I didn’t volunteer for UN Youth. From middle eastern politics to how to run a speaker’s’ panel to facilitating groups of students, there are so many things I have learnt from my time at UN Youth and I keep learning more all the time!

Quirkiest thing about you: All of my names (first, middle and last) have the same number of numbers – seven.

Contact: eleanor.forwood@unyouth.org.au

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